Living in Deep Listening - Conversation with Zaya Benazzo, Online from California


The tradition of Kashmiri Shivaism is one of not knowing, of postponing judgments and conclusions. The body, (the felt, tactile and perceptual experience) becomes the moment to moment exploration, in a listening that gently and effortlessly opens and empties itself of memory, projection and concepts. As the layers that were holding the density and tensions of separation unravel and surface, they reveal the vibrating field that is their true substance and our real presence.

Ellen Emmet and Zaya Benazzo will engage in an open and intimate dialogue, exploring how this approach can touch and affect each of our lives. The conversation will also include other themes they hold dear: the direct path of Advaita, embodiment and nonduality, and the dimension of feminine expression on the path. 

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Date 8th Sep 2019
Time 11am to 12:30pm Pacific Time.
Location Online from California.
Cost The meeting is free - join on zoom: