Science and Non-Duality Conference, Castello di Titignano, Italy


Body Of Truth, Body Of Vibration: A Ritual

When we knowingly take our stand as the limitless field of Awareness we may recognise that all experiences arise spontaneously within it and share their deepest reality with it. In this workshop, we will give special attention to the body. For most of us, even after an awakening to our true nature of Awareness, we continue to experience the body as a habitual and intricate network of density and tension which perpetuates and reflects the belief in being a fragment that needs to defend, assert and protect itself... These habits are layered, deep rooted and active under the surface of our contemplation.  Thus, the body’s original and harmonious nature, its lively flowing expression, and deep silent vibration remain compromised by the impossible task of maintaining itself as an anchor and cage for the separate one...

Together we will explore and discover.

Date 14th Jul 2020 - 20th Jul 2020
Time Times to be confirmed
Location Castello di Titignano, Italy.
Cost Tickets are available from the SAND website, see link below. Prices start from $180 per day to $1,700 for residential attendance for the full event
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