The Awakening Body: A Residential Weekend , Ralston White retreat


Join Ellen in a weekend of exploration of our essential experience, bringing a gentle focus on the body in the tradition of non-duality and Kashmir Shaivism.

This ancient approach is an invitation to simply welcome and experience our body as it truly is: a flow of sensation, energy and vibration arising out of and unfolding within the open field vibrating field of Awareness.

In our daily lives, the body is seldom tasted as it is. We rarely listen to its language or allow it to simply unfold and blossom in its natural original intelligence.

In fact we have deeply disconnected from this level of experience and even when we turn back towards the body, we come with agendas and ideas that we project upon it, forcing the body into a new mode, only to perpetuate a felt identification with a body, that may seem improved, but in fact remains a mere projections for the separate self that seems to live in its center.

Using guided meditation, simple postures, free movements, breathing, and visualizations we will reestablish our true identity as ever-present and unlocated Awareness and reacquaint ourselves with our body directly, as free of concepts or images as possible. In this contemplation, resistances and chains of bodily contractions, the habits that create the illusion that our identity is limited, located and separate are revealed for what they are: feelings and sensations that come and go in Awareness. We come feel that our true identity is an open field of tactile openness,limitless, vibrating and and ever-present.

Gently and effortlessly, the body is slowly realigned with this felt understanding. It flows as a living substence with more and more ease and transparency and reflects and expresses the ever-present freedom and silence that is its invisible source.

There will be time for sharing and conversation, delicious meals and times for walk and rest.

Please bring a yoga mat and/or a cushion.

Meals will be lactose-vegetarian, please email me if you have special dietary requirements and we will do our best to accomodate your needs.

Please note that there are two different fees  for residential although this is not reflected further down on the page in the ticket section.

Costs are: $425 for a single room and $375 for a double room.

Commuter fee without meals (arriving for 10:30AM):  $70.00 for Saturday only and $120 for both days

Commuter fee with meals (lunch and dinner on Sat and lunch on Sunday): $112 for Saturday only, and $240 for both days

With lunch only: $89 for Saturday and $178 for both




If you would like to also come on Friday dinner and meditation, add $30

A deposit of $200 is required to secure a place with the balance due upon arrival depending on accomodation.


Date 14th Oct 2016 - 16th Oct 2016
Time 6PM on Friday to 4 PM on Sunday
Location Ralston White retreat.
Cost No tickets available

Tentative Schedule, please check again closer to the time.

Friday 14th October:

  • 6:30PM: Dinner
  • 8:30PM: Welcoming gathering

Saturday 15th October:

  • 7:30: Meditation/gentle pranayama
  • 8:30: Breakfast
  • 10:30-12:30PM: Awakening Body Session
  • 1PM: Lunch
  • 3:30-5PM: Awakening Body 
  • 5:30-6:30PM: Conversation and sharing
  • 6:30PM: Dinner
  • 8PM: Informal gathering

Sunday October 16th:

  • 7:30: Meditation/gentle Pranayama
  • 8:30: Breakfast
  • 10:00-12:00PM: Awakening Body session
  • 12:15PM: lunch
  • 1:30-3PM: Conversation and closing meditation
Cancellation Policy

A full refund of the deposit  is available with cancellations prior to September 1st, 2016. 
75% of balance refundable if cancelled before 1 September 2016
50% of balance refundable if cancelled before 8 September May 2016
No refund if cancelled after 8 September 2016