Three Part Webinar Series - The Awakening Body, Online


Meeting will begin at 10am Pacific Time. Time on your browser may be adjusted to your own timezone. If it doesn't look right try setting your timezone in your Account Details on the Science and Non-Duality website. Book for this series online:

During these three webinar sessions, we will share a guided contemplation of our direct experience and in particular our experience of the body, in the light of the non-dual understanding and the Kashmiri tantric Shaivism tradition. This will be followed by a Q&A conversation. (Please note that there will not be any lecture).

In our daily lives, the body is seldom tasted as it truly is. We rarely listen to its language or allow it to simply blossom with its natural, organic intelligence. In fact, we have deeply disconnected from this level of experience and even when we turn back towards the body, we come with agendas and ideas that we project upon it, only to perpetuate a network of tension and density that we identify with as 'myself'. 

This approach invites us to open to the totality of our felt, tactile and sensorial experience moment by moment free of any agenda. As we face and allow the layers of density and psychosomatic contractions with openness, we effortlessly discover our place in and as this open listening presence which is our essential identity. Simultaneously the body uncovers its organic and natural resonance and identity with this presence which is its source and substance. 

We discover that our love and deepest attention naturally merge with this open vibrating presence which ripples effortlessly as our moment to moment experience. 

Access to all three sessions available to buy online here: $89. The sessions will be recorded so if you're unable to make all three it is possible to catch up or watch again. 

Date 22nd Sep 2019 - 6th Oct 2019
Time Sundays, September 22, 29 and October 6 from 10:00AM to 11:30AM
Location Online.
Cost No tickets available