The Essence of Yoga

Many of us have a clear understanding that “I” does not refer to a separate, located, limited person, but rather to open, unlocated, unlimited Awareness,


However, in ordinary every day life, most of us still feel that “I”move through space, “I” sit on a chair, “I” am this body, alive and conscious while the space all around and the earth underneath is inert, dead matter. We still feel that “I” am located in this contraction in the chest, in the shoulders, behind the forhead, and that “I” and this intimate and familiar experience called body are one and the same.

These classes invite us to experience our body as it truly is: a flow of sensations that appear, unfold and dissolve in the pure openness that is Consciousness.

With the help of simple postures, movements, breathing exercises and visualizations, we reacquaint ourselves directly with the body, free of concepts or images.

In this contemplations, the resistances and the somatic chains of contractions which create and perpetuate the illusion that our identity is located, limited and separate, are revealed for what they are: simple sensations that come and go in Consciousness. We see and clearly feel that our true identity is pure openness, permanent and unlimited.

Gently and effortlessly, the felt bodily experience aligns itself with this understanding. It flows with natural ease and transparency and reflects and expresses the ever-present joy that is its source and its substance.