Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement offers a space in which we move our physical body in the presence of a witness. With eyes closed we allow our feelings and impulses to express themselves freely.

Hidden in our bodies and thinking patterns are energies and beliefs that are unknown to us at a conscious level. Suppressing these energies and beliefs seems to limit our being and constricts our expression.

In Authentic Movement these deeper feelings are revealed layer after layer in our movements and spontaneous expression. As these natural movements are welcomed fully, they are liberated from habitual and constricting patterns and find their natural fresh authenticity.

As we begin to trust this process, we are inspired by the presence of an external witness to relax and widen the focus of our own attention and to recognize the same spacious and natural presence within us, which is witnessing and expressing itself moment after moment.

This work is available for individuals and groups. Please contact Ellen for more information or to book an appointment in London or Oxford.

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