A private session is a space that is wide open. It is a deep listening without judgment that we come to knowingly share.

Within it, layers of your experience, at the level of the mind and the body, are welcome and seen simply for what they are, without an agenda for change.

We welcome beliefs, feelings and patterns that dominate your everyday life and seem to confirm that you are a limited individual awareness, separate from others and from the world. We gently investigate the suffering that you find yourself experiencing: the chronic feeling of depression, the persistent sense of lack, the overwhelming anxiety, the grief, the trauma, the stuck relationship, the unbeatable addiction…

As we abide in and as this gentle openness, stories are shared spontaneously and feelings are allowed to blossom and dissolve in their own time. Gently, mistaken beliefs at the level of the mind and habitual contractions at the level of the body are exposed, explored and begin to unwind naturally. Soon, harmonious functioning is restored to mind and to body.

As we remain open and unknowing, we may deeply recognize this Welcoming Presence as our true nature, unchanging and ever-present.

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